Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair

Concrete Slab and Pier and Beam Repairs

FINANCING your foundation repair

There are several banks that will allow you to finance foundation repairs as part of a home improvement loan. Foundation damage does not go away, it only gets worse so if you are in need of a repair there are banks that will finance the repair job as part of a home improvement loan and we have provided some banks that you may contact if you need financing for your home improvement project. We use Legacy Texas for our banking and recommend them highly.  We will provide you with a written estimate to supply to your lender of choice and once the loan has been approved we will commence your foundation repair. Payments are due upon completion so customer will be responsible for making the payment to Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair on the day the repair is completed.


Payment Options

  • Personal Checks
  • Company Checks
  • Cash or Money Orders

Credit Card Payments: We must add a 2.7% swipe fee or a 3.75% fee on phone call credit card payments which is what our merchant services company charges to process your credit card.

Insurance Claims

Most foundation repairs are not covered by insurance. Sometimes, if the foundation has failed due to a water leak, insurance will cover the leak and any damage to your property. Please contact us and we can help you to determine if a leak has reulted in damage to your foundation and if so we can provide the insurer of our report and estimate of damage and needed repairs caused by any insurable claim. Due to the soil movement in North Texas most claims are initially denied for this reason. The result of improper drainage, soil movement or poor design are not insurable. We will work with your insurer if it is determined that a water leak has caused damage to the foundation and we have successfully assisted numerous customers in getting a claim paid.