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Sometimes fixing a drainage problem can be as easy as moving a plant, adding rain gutters or removing the edging around flower beds. Other times it might entail adding direct or french drains, regrading swales in the existing topography and removing and diverting any excess ground water away from the foundation. 


Direct drains are used to collect excess ground water and to redistribute it away from your property's foundation. We run 4 inch, 6 inch and sometime 8-10 inch pipes connected to collection boxes and roof gutter downspouts to quickly remove any rainwater away from the home or business's foundation.


French Drains are sometimes used in areas where the topography prevent the usage of direct drains. Deep trenches are dug and filled with gravel. Perforated drainage pipe is then installed on top of the gravel and connected to collection boxes placed in the high drainage areas. This water is then diverted underground and dispersed.

North Texas exhibits a wide range of topography so your drainage system should reflect your homes geographical location and encompass natural  and man made drainage systems that have been put into place by municipalities.



Regrading the property is necessary at times if the current grade is channeling water towards your homes foundation or if water is ponding in low spots or if obstructions are preventing excess rainwater from draining properly. We regrade small projects by hand to minimize damage to the lawn and any landscaping. This is a very effective way of controlling excess groundwater and coupled with a drainage system that incorporates the rain gutter downspouts into the underground drain system is usually sufficient to handle any areas that are currently holding water or being overcome during heavy rainfalls.

French Drains, Direct Drains & Regrading!


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