Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair

Concrete Slab and Pier and Beam Repairs

Drought and excess rain can create havoc on your foundation!

Prolonged drought pits house foundations against deep-rooted trees in a war for water. In North Texas we are usually in drought conditions. This year has been spectacular for rain but this onslaught of water has started to expand soils in areas where there is a high clay content. This has many of the foundations we look displaying signs of upward heaving. In some instances the whole foundation has moved upward uniformalley and the slab is still in a level state. In a lot of the homes this upward movement has not been uniform and the foundations have fractured due to the soil

expansion. We use state of the art measuring equipment that is accurate to 0.02 inches. Based on these floor elevations we can determine quickly if a repair is necessary and we will engineer a repair solution for your homes foundation. If a foundation settles evenly, damage is nil or minimal. But typically moisture levels, sunlight, and landscaping differ on each side of a house, causing soil to dry out and the house to settle unevenly, called “differential settlement.” Let our experts come visually inspect your property and your foundation. We will provide your with a written report within 24 hours of the initial inspection. Call Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair at (469) 855-3540 or visit us at

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