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Foundation Repair Allen TX

The City of Allen is split by Highway 75 splitting the east from the west. The east side of Allen has some of the cities older homes which were built on pier and beam foundations. The west has newer construction and the majority of the foundations are post tension foundations designed just for these volatile North Texas Soils. Dallas Fort Worth Foundation repair offers economical solutions for both types of foundations. It is necessary to install piers to support and lift failed foundations and there are different pier types required depending on the project, soil conditions and sometimes even access. We always recommend hiring a engineer as the foundation is the most important part of your home. Failed foundations can cause a multitude of problems including plumbing leaks, cosmetic damage to walls and flooring and even damage to structural supports. Its always best to have your foundation inspected by a foundation repair company prior to starting any major home improvement projects. The City of Allen has a high clay content in the soil in certain areas of the city which can be problematic for builders and homeowners alike.  Even the best designed foundations can fail if not properly maintained.   The drought like conditions and watering restrictions have contributed to the problem homeowners face. When it rains the clay soils absorb large amounts of water and will actually swell upward and some foundations cannot withstand the added stress during this upward movement.  The swelling creates “uplift” for any structure built upon the soil and can be extremely damaging to rigid concrete foundations. Similarly, when weather conditions are very hot and dry the clay soils will lose significant amounts of water and shrink. When the soils shrink and lose contact with a concrete slab foundation, the foundation has literally lost its support. If the area of shrinkage is large enough then the foundation may crack and collapse until it reaches its support. We offer concrete piers which are the most economical repair.  In extreme soil movement areas the use of steel piers are required to hit the depths necessary to support a structure. If you have any signs of settlement such as crack in you brick, sheetrock or hard flooring surfaces these are all indications of foundation settlement and should be inspected by a professional foundation repair company. We offer a FREE, NO OBLIGATION FOUNDATION INSPECTION so please contact us at (469) 855-3540 to schedule an inspection.

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