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Balch Springs is located at 16 miles east of Downtown Dallas and 34 miles southeast of the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. The city is bordered by Mesquite to the north and east, and Dallas to the south and west. Some of the earlier homes in Balch Springs were built more than 100 years ago and consist primarily of pier and beam foundations. Construction techniques changed and concrete foundations with rebar reinforcement were used in most residential construction and later post tension foundations were used and installed by most new home builders and have become the "norm". Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair works on all types of foundations. Soil conditions in Balch Springs vary by community but all the soil exhibits a high clay content which contracts when dry and expands when wet. If you are experiencing any signs of foundation failure such as cracking above doors and windows, doors that stick open or shut, cracks that develop in your tile or marble floors or any cracks in the exterior facade please give us a call. We offer free foundation inspections in the Dallas area and we will provide you with a written estimate with a pre-lift floor elevation survey. If repairs are needed we will let you know and present you with all possible repair options.

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