Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair

Concrete Slab and Pier and Beam Repairs

Foundation Repair in Denton Texas

Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair offers Denton Residents economical solutions for their foundation repair projects. Soil conditions in Denton have a very high clay content which  can cause problems for foundations. If you are experiencing any visual  signs of soil movement such as cracking in the mortar around the brick, cracks in your sheet rock or hard flooring surfaces. or if you have doors that will not open or shut correctly we strongly advise you to call and schedule a free foundation inspection. We are experienced in repairing both residential and commercial structures. Denton has both concrete  slab foundations and older style pier & beam homes. We have experience in repairing both types of foundations and we have the training and the structural knowledge to correctly lift both types of structures. We carry a 2 million dollar liability policy with a multi-family project endorsement so we meet all HOA and property management requirements.



We install hydraulically pressed concrete piers for just $235 per pier. We push these piers to bedrock or refusal and they have one of the lowest failure rates of all pier types in use. Most repairs take 1-2 days and you are able to stay in the home during most repairs. If interior piers are required we do all the interior work in one day so you may still occupy the home. We also offer steel piers, helical piers and concrete drilled piers. Give us a call to schedule a free, no obligation foundation inspection. It only takes 3-40 minutes and we will provide you with a written report and with a repair design if repairs are needed.

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