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Foundation Repair Grapevine, TX

Do you need Grapevine foundation repair? The contractors at Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair stop all kinds of foundation issues, including fractures. We offer an outstanding warranty and perform free foundation evaluations. So if you’re in Grapevine and require a foundation repair company, contact Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair. We have been fixing foundations since 2003 and have a verifiable track record and reviews. Changes in temperature and soil movement can lead to fractures and  foundation damage. Cracks that are 1/4″ wide or larger are cause for concern. We also understand that foundations sinking, settling and splintering are serious problems that need to be addressed. We prefer to use steel piers in areas with severe soil movement. In areas with less deflection and better soil we install concrete piers which is more cost effective for residents and property owners in Grapevine. We also make extensive repairs on concrete slabs. At Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair we are known for providing economical repair solutions for your foundation repair projects. We have the best prices on pier installations and we are specialists in the repair of pier and beam foundations. We help to eliminate mold and mildew associated with wet crawl spaces and commonly provide crawl space repair services such as adding crawl space vents, installing piers under the perimeter beams, sill plate repairs, and replacing damaged lumber in the crawl space areas.

When you require residential foundation repair contractors in Grapevine be sure to give us a call.  You need a professional to inspect your homes pier & beam foundations as it possible that you simply need us to adjust your foundation shims. We can install new ones, too. Our company commonly re-shims foundations all across the DFW area. It’s important that foundations be even and stable. If your house is sinking, house leveling is the answer. It stops fractures from occurring. We offer a Lifetime Foundation Warranty and we perform free foundation evaluations for Grapevine property owners and agents. So if you require the installation of foundation piers anywhere in the Grapevine area, obtain a free foundation repair estimate online today. We fix residential and commercial properties, including apartments and town homes, and service the entire DFW metroplex.

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