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Foundation Repair in University Park

University Park is located within the The City of Dallas Historic District. The City of University Park has old structures constructed with pier and beam foundations and new construction with post tension concrete slabs designed for the volatile soils of North Texas. We work on both types of foundations. Some of these properties have a unique architectural style with wraparound  porches, wood exteriors and pier and beam foundations which require proper maintenance and occasionally repairs to shim and adjust piers that move with the Texas soil. We enjoy working on these homes and are amazed at the ingenuity of some of the foundation designs and materials used. We see everything from bodart stumps to rocks stacked to support floor joists that have been in place over 100 years. These interior piers eventually sink or rot away and modern repairs are necessary to repair these structures. We replace any wood that is undersized, rotten or termite damaged with concrete block and pad units. We then when shim and adjust these to level the floors to their original state. Sometimes the exterior perimeter beam has sunk and the crawl space is not accessible as the entire structure has dropped downward. In extreme cases such as this we will install new piers under the perimeter beam and we lift the home back up. Then all interior piers are raised and shimmed or new piers are installed to support the beams. We use a state of the art measuring device that measures to 0.005 inches during the lifting stage so we can lift the floors accurately and to the same height. We lift the entire structure at one time in 1/8th increments to prevent damage to the structure. If your home is in need of any foundation repairs just give us a call at the number below and we will be happy to have one of our inspectors come out and look at your property. We are very good at pier and beam repairs and offer our clients the most economical repair solutions for their home improvement projects. 

Concrete Slab Repairs

We can repair most concrete slabs within 2-3 days. Most foundation repairs with newer foundations will just require the installation of new piers to support any areas of the foundation that have failed. We can excavate and press the piers on most repairs the first day with the second day being devoted to lifting the foundation back to it's original level state. Our prices are very fair and range from $235 per pier on concrete pressed piers up to $380 for double wall steel piers. If you are experiencing any signs of a foundation issue such as doors that stick or swing open, cracks in the sheet rock or in the mortar of the brick facade or cracks in hard flooring materials such as tile or marble please contact us for a Free Foundation Inspection.

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