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We are a full service foundation repair company that offers the most economical repair solutions for your foundation improvement projects. We specialize in repairing slab on grade concrete foundations and pier and beam repair and leveling. 

We offer turnkey solutions for all your exterior home improvement needs including drainage repair and correction and masonry repairs.  We can complete most repair jobs in less than two days and offer a free home foundation inspection. During this initial visit we use a state of the art measuring device called a Zip Level that uses atmospheric pressure to measure your floor elevations.  This device is accurate to 0.05 inches. With the use of the Zip Level we are able to quickly detect exactly where your foundation has dropped downward or heaved upward. This information is then forwarded to our structural design team and a repair diagram and estimate are e-mailed to the customer the same day. We will also inspect your yard to confirm the property is draining correctly away from the foundation. If we find any incorrect drainage we will also recommend ways to fix the drainage to drain away from your foundation. Sometimes it is something as little as removing flower beds that are obstructing the drainage, adding gutters with downspouts, or in some instances installing drains with collection boxes to divert excess rainwater away from your homes foundation preventing further damage. In extreme cases it might be necessary to regrade your yard and install drains.

Any necessary drainage repairs will be added to the estimate as it is very important to fix the cause of your foundation problem while repairing the damaged foundation and returning it to it's original level state. Once this is completed we have masonry crews that can repair any damaged mortar or bricks that have been damaged by the shifting of the homes foundation. 

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