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Concrete Slab and Pier and Beam Repairs


Most of the newer foundations in the North Texas area are concrete slab on grade foundations.  We offer several types of repair options including concrete pressed piers, steel piers, helical piers, and poured concrete piers. Our team will design an engineered solution based on the findings from the initial property inspection. At this initial meeting we visually inspect the property looking for signs of damage to the foundation or property. 

We will also take measurements of the floor elevations with a Zip Level. This is a atmospheric measuring device that is accurate to 0.05 inches. These measurements will determine if the foundation has had any upward or downward movement. It will isolate where the foundation has deflected downward or heaved upward which is a determining factor in the type of repair recommended. Sometimes a water leak can cause a foundation to drop in the area around the leak and even heave upward if the soil content has a high clay content which expands when moist. There are numerous factors to take into consideration so it's imperative you have a inspector who is trained in foundation repairs and drainage correction do a thorough analysis of your property. Then our design team can engineer the correct and most economical repair for your particular foundation.

It's important that the correct measures are employed to solve the foundation failure. You want to correct any issues that are the result of improper drainage. Ground swales could be obstructed or placed incorrectly, water from adjoining properties might be dumping illegally onto your property, sometimes the roof design channels roof water run off into very small areas that are overcome in a heavy rain. 

Sometimes it is as simple as correcting the drainage to divert excess ground water away from the foundation by regrading or removing topsoil. Sometimes just installing rain gutters with downspouts connected into a drainage system solves the problem. Our inspectors are experts in drainage correction and structural analysis and once their findings are sent to the design team we will engineer the correct solution to bring your property back to its original level state. Rest assured that these type of foundations are designed for the Volatile Soils of North Texas and are actually easier to repair than a pier and beam as the slab is poured monolithic, as one piece. The foundation in theory moves as a whole unit actually floating on top of the terrain. A slab on grade foundation is just concrete poured directly onto the ground. 

There are footings that are dug around the perimeter and enough soil is removed so that you can pour the slab and the footing at the same time. This type of foundation is usually found in a tract-home environment and is a cost saving foundation.

As with any other type of foundation, the soil beneath the slab can shift and move due to the changing moisture content, causing the slab to shift and move, causing structural damage. If you notice cracks in your foundation slab, you need to have a professional come and inspect it to see if you are in need of foundation repair.

No matter what type of foundation your home has, they are all vulnerable to foundation failure. Whether you notice cracking in your walls or brick,  beam and post problems in your crawl space or cracks in your slab, the professionals at Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair have the ability to get your foundation back to its original level state making your home structurally sound again.

We use underpinning products that are driven deep into the ground through unsteady soil until they reach a solid soil then the entire structure is lifted onto these piers, leveling and stabilizing the structure.

Don't hesitate to contact the professionals at Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair to inspect your North Texas home for signs of a foundation failure. We are a full service foundation repair company and business that has been involved in foundation work since 2003. We have a large service area that includes both Dallas and Fort Worth and all suburbs in between. Call us today for your free foundation inspection and estimate!



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