Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair

Concrete Slab and Pier and Beam Repairs

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Serving all Collin County Cities

Did you know Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair is based out of Collin County? We like nothing more than digging in our own backyard. If you live in the City of Plano give us a call at (469) 855-3540 or visit our website at

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The Foundation Repair Process

PIERS FROM $235 PER PIER - (469) 855.3540

End of Year Home Improvement Write Offs

Did you know we can fix your failing foundation before year end and it can be taken as a tax deduction! If you have a home office and declare it on your tax return the square footage of the office is calculated and that percentage can  be deducted as a business related expense. The same goes if you …

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Piers Installed from $235 Pier

If you have cracks in your walls or in your brick you might have a foundation problem. We can install piers and level your foundation and we charge 1/2 of what the big companies charge. Give us a call at 469.855.3540 to schedule a free foundation inspection and estimate.  

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April Showers cause foundation problems

Drainage is the most critical item for foundations. If you have improper drainage it can cause upward movement which will cause your foundation to fail if it was not designed properly for the volatile North Texas soils. We will come inspect your property to determine the cause of your foundation iss…

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